The Tower


Pagan Wishing Tee

Rainbow on site!

The Tower

Our brand new Communal!


UK Coal Reps on a visit to site

Super Fort

The Tower

The Donkey

Old Man of the Woods Treehouse

The Tower

Pagan Wishing Tree

Hatchet Harry's House


Tent City


UK Coal Digger

Security Patrol vehicle

UK Coal at work

The final outpost of nature

Pile of coal already extracted from the site

If you have any more recent photos you’d like us to put up, please send them over!

:::::::::::Don’t sell your soul to UK Coal:::::::::::


  1. What you continue to do at Huntington Hill site is not only courageous and of great importance. It is a symbol to ‘ALL’ people that we should never give up hope and we should fight for things we believe in. So much apathy and futility rings in the ears of so many people throughout the world. But, because of people like yourselves, who continue to fight against the ignorance of man’s relentless greed and short sightedness, one day we shall succeed. The ripples of change are spreading rapidly across this beautiful earth and it is awakening

  2. You are doing a fantastic job! An example to us all.

    You are not alone in your fight for those things which are truly important. The time is rapidly approaching where more and more people all over the world are awakening. Global revolution is now just a few seconds away! When this time comes, which it will, their will be billions stood together in PEACE and UNITY and not just a few courageous individuals like yourselves in a shropshire field.

    Thank you.

  3. Andy Hope-Hall says:

    It was good to visit you guys on Saturday, as well as having a great walk over the Wrekin. Will send pics of the protest.

  4. Trev says:

    I stayed at the site for only 2 nights a couple of weeks ago and it was enough for me in those temperatures. I felt a bit of a hypocrite having droned on about saving the environment for the last 20 od years, the fact that I m too comfortable with “civilization” that I wasnt prepared to live there for any length of time. But by the very same token it made me realize its even more important that we save energy and reorses if we dont all want to be living in tents in the cold in the future! Everyone should go and live at a protest site even if its only for a couple of nights as I did, at least you are showing some support and not just chearing from the sidelines!

  5. ragamuffin says:

    The Men in Black Are coming to get YOU

  6. Rangoo Dan says:

    So Ratcliffe power station emits at least 150 thousand tonnes of CO2 each week.

    The Huntington Lane open cast mine will provide 2 and a half million tonnes worth of CO2.

    My sums tell me that Ratcliffe would burn all of the coal from Huntington Lane in 18 weeks.

  7. Visited Tuesday, best of luck you guys, stay safe


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