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  1. Hello Campers

    Hi di hi, enough of the frivolity.

    As promised, a new website with impact (as far as the design goes). The text is going to take a bit longer but I am not going to fill it with your websites stuff no point in duplication.

    The object of this website is to display the destruction so far and hopefully not in the future, against the beauty that is now and to come, over the next few months.

    Please let me have your comments.

    Best wishes


  2. Bob Eastwick says:

    I have informed the local district manager of the Pagan Federation who will do what he can to publicise your cause.

  3. Greg says:

    I need to liaise with a member of the camp to discuss how we can step up the promotion of what you are doing. I have some ideas and I am sure with a few dedicated individuals together we can make your life in the camp more comfortable and the work you are doing more productive.

    I don’t want to go in to detail on the website and it would be better to meet at my place or some other place with chairs and a table without the wind blowing. Phone me on the number on my business card or available from my website.

    Regards Greg

    Ps Any one else reading this, with ideas or enthusiasm, willing to help physically, financially, or mentally, to help progress activities on the camp or anything related to it please contact any camp member or me

  4. Penny Wakefield says:

    A friend of mine is asking how does 900.000 tonnes of coal release 2,430,000 tonnes of CO2? Please explain the science so I can convince him to join this campaign. Thanks and good luck


    • It’s to do with the chemistry of chemical reactions. When the coal is burnt the carbon reacts with oxygen. Each carbon atom joins with two oxygen atoms. Here is where chemistry gets silly.

      The Atomic Mass (weight of an atom in relative terms) of carbon is 12, the atomic mass of oxygen is 16 (oxygen weighing more than carbon goes against all logic but who am I to argue with the universe). So when you make CO2 you get a molecule with a mass of 48.

      You then factor in purity of the coal (which obviously brings the amount of CO2 produced down, information on coal purity can be found on google) and you get your answer. For contrast, if you took pure carbon and converted it to CO2 it would produce 3,600,000 tonnes rather than 2,430,000.

      Hope this has been useful ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Pol says:

    I would just like to offer my support to folks on site , being as I can’t be there due to being at college. You people rock.

    If I can come up sometime, what supplies would be useful e.g. what kinds of foods for underground?

    if that eviction notice is served, give me a call on (number removed). I’m currently setting up a climate action group at colege and may be able to get some people to come up.

    • Hi Pol,
      Thanks for your support, it really means a lot! Good foods for underground include ration packs (which you can get from camping shops and army surplus) high energy packet foods (biscuits, cereal bars etc) and things like boiled sweets and chocolate. Anything you think might be good if you were planning on spending a long time in a small hole! Really, anything you can think of would be appreciated. There will be a lot of calls to be made when the notice is served and we’ll certainly add you to the list, in the meantime keep an eye on the website for developments. Also I’ve taken your number off your comment, you don’t want prank calls ๐Ÿ˜€

      Thanks again.



  6. Guerrilla Gardener Chris says:

    For Old Codger John…

    Let him know Kaitlin replied:
    Sends her best wishes.
    Mark Poet still in London
    She might be going to london
    Few people left there!

  7. Steve Leary says:


    Members of a Campaign Group call 38 Degrees have started a petition to see if there is enough support out there for a national campaign to support the 500m Buffer Zone Bill. It works like this

    You have to register to become a member by sending them your email address through this web page:

    Once you are registered you are awarded 10 votes to distribute across the various suggested campaigns that people are suggesting 38 Degrees should adopt. The 500m Buffer Zone Bill campaign suggestion is one of these.

    The most you can award for any one suggestion is 3 votes. Making a comment is not enough. You have to click on the vote icon at the top of the page to register you vote. Your own page should then tell you how many votes you have left.

    If it still reads 10 votes you have yet to vote.

    if you have not yet had a look at this site or you have yet to vote then please follow the links below:

    38 Degrees Web Site

    500m Buffer Zone Campaign Suggestions Page

    Steve Leary for the Minorca Opencast Protest Group

  8. Nat says:

    Keep up the good fight folks! Been spreading the word over here in the East country…we are with you in spirit if not in body
    Natty Bach

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