New mines & proposed 500m opencast buffer zone

Posted: January 6, 2011 by defendhuntingtonlane in Uncategorized
This is from the leicestershire minorca opencast  campaign,

Can you help to publicise this fact locally and raise awareness about the need for England to enjoy a 500 Metre Buffer Zone?
There is three files below:

Parts One and Two of our review into the extent of opencast mining in England and the template of a Press Release that any concerned organisation can adapt to suit their own local circumstance and target at local TV, Radio and Newspapers.

  1. blue says:

    people of england,ireland scotland & wales ,please,please,please show your support and visit huntington lane,it is 1 of many beautiful places to go in shropshire with beautiful,surrondings and wildlife and its in the shadow of another fantastic landmark-The Wrekin.
    This is a national catastrophe on U.K soil,not only is this open cast mining destroying the country side and its habitats its destroying a part of your heritage.This coal that these corrupt bastards would do anything to get their greedy hands on is only a very small percentage of coal in it,it has to be mixed with other materials to make up for it to be sold as coal.
    So please bring a friend,bring a loved one,bring your family to this amazing place that someone wants to steal of us,i promise you will not be disappointed.Visit the camp and share some stories,or sit and realax with a cup of tea.Learn and share some envoirmental skills or bring some supplies that will help stop this act of vandalism.And plus you will also meet some amazing,interesting and brave people.
    Thank you for taking the time for reading this 🙂

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