Site A Eviction Shock!

Posted: October 13, 2010 by defendhuntingtonlane in Uncategorized

EDIT: 14/10/10 23:36  The current situation remains stable, no eviction notice has been served on the camp as yet.

At around 8:30am today police officers and members of the National Eviction Team arrived on Site A to find the tree houses sadly unoccupied. The tree houses have now been removed and branches lopped off the trees so they can’t go back up.

Protesters have been threatened with arrest should they trespass upon Site A. An eviction notice is yet to be served but this chain of events would appear to suggest its imminent arrival. We would encourage any concerned individuals to pay a visit to camp whether it be to stay on, help out with defences, leave a donation or lend their moral support. Food and supplies to take underground would be very useful.

Site A is the southern most part of the site (see below marked as ‘site 2’) and the area where the mines infrastructure is to be built and the mining is to begin.



The southern most part of the site (called site 2 in this image) has been evicted


The infrastructure process has now begun and is expected to be completed relatively quickly and the commencement of mining operations is set to follow.

Please call 07503 583419 for info or to get involved.

  1. silver Bird says:

    Todays development was hardly unexpected, despite confusing rhetoric from Uk Coal over the last few months, and the South site always was the one thought to fall first, due to having lack of available people to maintain a second “satellite camp” where the entry was planned off Dog inthe Lane.
    However, the strong, consolidated camp atthe Haul Road is a completely different matter, and the hired Thugs of Uk Coal who today roughly manhandled a lone woman protester who was filming at the mine entry, will have more than they bargain for when they meet seasoned activists who are deep underground in very tight tunnels ( brave folk, our admiration to all of you 🙂 ).
    For those awaiting the “right time” to come and protest, the time is now right, and with Uk Coal getting heavy plant ontothe site without resistance, an eviction seems more than likely to take place sooner, rather than later.
    I would ask everyone reading this,and the postings by the web wizards above, to come now if possible, and contact ANYONE remotely interested or able to join in, please pass alon the rallyingcallto”DefendHuntingtonLane”, by E mail, phone call, twitter or Facebook, or in conversation,and lets stop these bastards while we have a chance to do so.

    Thanks to all supporting at present.

  2. Carrie says:

    Dear friends
    Can’t be there (legal shit), but full of admiration for your determination and strength. Wishing you all good things. That’s a beautiful, clean, natural environment you’re fighting to protect, so anyone thinking of going along – PLEASE DO!

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