Debunking the ‘experts’

Posted: August 6, 2010 by defendhuntingtonlane in Uncategorized

Protesters at the Huntington Lane coal mine site, near New Works, Telford hit back today at claims by the local parish council that they have made the area unsafe.

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Fears that activities at the camp are causing a health hazard are entirely unfounded and we would like to  invite anyone with concerns of this nature to visit the camp to discuss them with the protesters.

“A number of issues have been raised and we just wanted to put peoples minds at ease” says  Dawn ” The claims that we are creating a health hazard are very unfair. This area is well known locally for being riddled with old mine workings and holes in the ground; UK Coal even cited the fact that the ground was ‘dangerous’ as part of their case at the public inquiry! To suggest that activities carried out on site by protesters have rendered the site unsafe seem somewhat biased. We would encourage people not to be put off visiting the camp by these claims and hope that we can alleviate any concerns they may have and set the record straight.”

The possibilities of a tunnel collapse or a methane leak have always been present on this site and its worth noting that even if there were a methane leak it couldn’t possibly poison people on the surface. There is no more risk of visitors being ‘poisoned’ than there ever was! The only new risks are to the tunnellers themselves who are obviously well aware of all the dangers involved.

Had the committee ‘experts’ engaged with the camp on these issues we would have been happy to put their minds at rest on all counts. It’s a shame they felt the need to speak to the Shropshire Star rather than approaching us directly and we’d welcome any future contact from Little Wenlock Parish Council should they have any concerns. We appreciate their concern for our safety and would like to reassure everyone that there is no risk to the public as a result of any of our activities on site.

Little Wenlock Parish Council have put up the following warning notice on the New Works notice board branding the camp ‘unsafe’ and ‘unsanitary’.


“Little Wenlock Parish Council clerk John Marsham said that the intention was not to discourage visitors to the site but the wording of this notice suggests otherwise.” says Dawn “Accusations of unsanitary conditions are not only totally unfounded as the camp has a kitchen, fresh hot and cold water and toilet facilities, but are also quite derogatory. The purpose of these accusations seems to be an effort to put people off the camp, we hope that is not the case and that people will continue to support us as they always have.”

  1. Dog says:

    Also nice to see that these “experts” have not been named, so it cannot be confirmed what field they are an expert in!

  2. silverbird says:

    As usual – what we post is true – what Little Wenlock Parish Council puts on their Notice Board leaves much to be desired.!
    I think most people who have been to Camp – or know somene who has,can vouch for the good Spirit – and basic, but adequate facilities – a Protest Camp is no 5* Hotel – only a fool would expect it to be so.
    Despite challenges made in the press, Mr Marchant couldnt come up with any figures for ANYONE who has ever, fallen down a tunnel / hole on site – or been killed, and we would ask -Just WHO is pulling his strings?
    As a member of the “Liason Committee”, so full of “Experts”,who seem to know in reality,very little about Methane, perhaps Mr Marchant would be better employed sticking to asking questions to raise his Ego on Radio 4 programmes that local peole knew nothng about until broadcast on the night.
    SB. 🙂

  3. silverbird says:

    It may be of interestto people to know that we are maybe no more than 14 days away from Telford and Wreikin Councill issuing an “Environmental Permit” to begin work on Huntington Lane site.
    This will allow UK Coal to begin infrastructure work onthe Sothern site,and begin bringing in heavy equipment.
    On Sunday morning -strange time , contractors connected a mains water supply to the opencast site, about 75 yards away from the planned entrance, just above “Dog in the lane”/Huntington lane.
    THEY ARE NEARLY READY TO BEGIN- support is needed urgently – this is an all out call to ANY environmental activists/supporters/Eco warriors to rally at Huntington Lane Opencast site.
    Those there at present are doing great work on defences, but greater numbers will soon be needed , for to begin working,they will need to Evict the Camp.
    The Camp near Ffos Y Fran, set up by the Climate people has been cleared – there is room – and a welcome for those of you who want to face down an environmental Monster at Telford.

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