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Hi folks!

As you know (if you don’t you must be from outer space or something!) it was the Glastonbury Festival this past weekend, and a few of the camp members headed on down to enjoy the sunshine (only 1 heatstroke casualty amoungst them lol), take advantage of the Brother’s Bar and flyer the hell out of the biggest music festival in Europe in the name of Huntington Lane!

We got a great response, with many many people taking our flyers and quite a lot saying they’ll be in touch soon!

Our friends on the Climate Camp field also put up infomation about Huntington Lane, and had quite some interest themselves, so things can only get more busy in the coming weeks!

Pictures coming soon!

  1. silverbird says:

    All those who went to Glastonbury to spread the word – lucky you!
    All efforts appreciated, by those who remained, and those who went.
    Great news today about the Private Members Bill for 500 metre buffer zones to become law for all new opencast mines in England – thus remedying the neglect of the human Rights that the Labour Government refused to address intheir Governments lifetime, sice signing the bil in 2000.
    More info on the text of the bill on the website
    http://www.Allfriendsaround the wrekin
    I know Steve Leary, who has liased with me over many months since Public Inquiry last year, and he has done agreat jobwith a new incomng Leicestershire Conservative MP, to bring this issue to the house – as our local MPs Mark Pritchard,and David Wright did last year.
    This time theres a chance to get things moving to apply the equal zoning to all of the Uk – after all, the whole of the UK signed up for the Human Rights Act, not just Scotland and Wales, who currently enjoy some level of protection by the imposed buffer zone.
    Now, if HuntingtonLane site is a new mine – we would like this included,as its mentioned by name in the Bill – and if Uk Coalclaim its not a new mine as they already have cleared trees, put in power lineage and water pipes( thats another issue too long to go into here), then work MUST have begun on site -and so the clock shouldbe ticking, with 44 months to extract and restore the land.
    Seems acording to local planning Oficers though, that if UK Coal havent begun work by October 2011, then they will lose the planning permission, so it could yet be a long fight, but falling shares, an awkward camp to deal with,and now this 500 metre buffer zone Bill coming in, could help immensely.
    Please, please, keep making people aware of the struggle thats ongoing – and as always, my admiration for all those invoved in residency and defence works at the site.

    • silverbird says:

      As the Summer draws onwards towards Autumn, Uk Coals plans to opencast in early Spring, then Summer, have passed – at present, I am trying to get clarity on water extraction licences that the Environment Agency must approve , before the volumes of water needed for the coal washing plant, and dampng down of the site, are in place, allowing a start for digging.
      Like everything inthis campaign, information is hard to get from the authorities, delays, “we will get back to you`s”,etc, are all par for the course, ansince the camp began, previously “open channels” to me are now firmly blocked. 😦
      Everyone at camp is hoping that many, many more will arrive as the Summer break is now starting for colleges and Uni`s, so why not come down , or up, depending where you are, and join the party!
      Many thanks to the young Ladies who havearrived this week.
      Some feedback is coming in that people think that they need to bring a trailer for all the stuff they need to stay-wrong!
      If you want to arrive with just a sleeping bag, Rucksack, and some food to share,and a gallon of water, there are tents that are set up and you can be accomadated – and made welcome.
      Updates will be posted as soon as information can be released, but we will say that defences are strong, and more to man them would be appreciated!
      See you soon,

  2. it is actually fun to be on music festivals because i love music so much ‘

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