Urgent Appeal!

Posted: June 10, 2010 by defendhuntingtonlane in Uncategorized

Tomorrow (Friday) and Saturday we will be joined by a news crew from Midlands Today! If you’re in the area please drop by either to say your piece or just to show some support.

Thanks all!

  1. Debra Shepherd says:

    Just to let you guys know that you have my full support and I am doing what I can to raise some more supplies for you. I would like to point out as I havent seen it mentioned on your website so far. Previous opencasting was carried out on greenbelt land in sites at Lawley, newdale, Horsehay and lightmoor in the past. This destroyed habitats for rare bats, old hedgerows and old meadowland. The key thing was though, that this also changed the land from a green belt status to a brown field. Although, as promised, the land was returned to fields after the mining had finished, it did not stay that way for long. Development had now been made really easy for Telford and Wrekin to claim the area for building as it was now classed as a brown field site. Most of the land has now since been built on and therefore lost forever. This has been the long term plans for Huntington Lane I fear. It isnt about the opencast, it is about the change of land use for future development and Telford and Wrekin on the quiet, will be supporting UK Coal in thier actions and I wouldnt even be suprised if they had offered them a financial incentive along the way somewhere. I am sure this is what has happened in the past as it does not seem financially viable for UK Coal to set up a site for such poor quality coal. UK Coal, even though they do not have much money, will find the cash for the water pump needed and to hazard a guess, Telford and Wrekin council will have 40000 vanish from thier funds somehow. I will promote this cause whatever way I can to help you but just thought that the points Ive made should be looked into and given a mention when the press next come to visit. I am hoping to join the camp later on in the summer for a while when I move back to the area. I am in Cornwall right now but doing what I can from a distance. I grew up near Huntington and know the area well. Best of Luck xx

  2. silverbird says:

    I would like to give a big “Thank you” , for all the efforts and hard work of one of the camp residents who is going to a new job abroad this coming week, Im not giving names out, but hes a wonderful tree climber, all round joker and fire eater, and life and soul of the camp.
    We all wish him well in his new post, and hope that the weather doesnt get too cold as he has experienced plenty of this since joining the protest nearly at the start – well done – I will miss you, and Im sure everyone else will too!
    Seems a herd of Cows and a bull and Horse stampeded through the camp in the early hours of Sunday – amazing since the farmers putup such strong defence against the land being left due to its so called “unsafe condition” – seems its now safe enough to have a herd of Cows and a Bull on it without causing any problems.
    However, a Tent was flattened – and people could have been in this at the time, so im suggesting better animal welfare Husbandry by the Farmer who owns these beasts – ansd spend some of your time on ensuring that they cannot get loose where you know people – some with small children are in position.
    This could be construed as an attempt at intimidation of the squatters, which carries vast sums of fines/and or inprisonment – further occurrances may result in the loss of a beast down one of the so called “dangerous Bell pits”, so in the name of animal welfare we would urge anyone seeing these beasts wandering in woodlands, to contact the Police or the DEFRA local agency at Worcester, to ensure they come to no harm.
    Glastonbury has come and gone, hopefully, numbers will be swelled at the camp by those who have “heard the word” – I am off to Druid Camp, Forest of Dean in two weeks, so will be making all those there aware of the situation up in Telford at the camp.
    Many thanks to all those behind the scenes that continue to donate to the camp in any way that they can – Bless you.

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