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Posted: May 24, 2010 by defendhuntingtonlane in Uncategorized

Hi there folks! Sorry it’s been so long since we last updated the site, it’s been a busy busy month of digging in and building up! We’ve had people come and people go but overall numbers are steadily climbing as more and more people hear about what we’re doing! Many thanks go out to those of you who have come and gone, all your efforts and donations, be them time, materials, food or financial contributions, have been greatly appreciated and we hope to see you all again soon! Now on with the news…


Over the last month we have seen UKCoal’s intended date for the commencement of work move from the start of June to the end of June to mid July to early August and the latest news is that they don’t intend to start until the end of August. Good news!


Local water company Severn Trent Water have assessed the area’s water supply and have determined that the pump that supplies the village of New Works with water does not have the capacity to supply the proposed coal mine. This means that if they want a water supply on site they will have to pay for an additional pump to be installed at a cost of… wait for it… £40000!!!!


UKCoal’s share price is currently at a 52 week low, meaning they really haven’t got much money knocking about right now. If this continues they won’t be able to afford to install that pump, let alone fund an open cast mine!



We’ve have a busy time on the construction front, with structures going up and more tunnels going in.

First up, due to the steadily increasing numbers of mouths to feed, we tore down the old kitchen tee-pee and built an brand new kitchen building with prep areas, more storage and now enclosing the washing up area.

The New and Improved Kitchen

The New and Improved Kitchen

A structure that seems to defy gravity and has left visiting police and fire crews scratching their heads, we present to you The Donkey!
The Donkey

Next, a project that has been underway since very early on has finally been completed, the lofty Pirate Place
The Pirate Place
And the pièce de résistance, the rapidly expanding FORT

The Fort

Those very same police and fire crews have also taken pictures of the mouths of tunnels and were not very happy with what they saw, leaving us quite happy 🙂


As We said before, we’ve had some fluidity in numbers over the past month, with some coming, some going but overall numbers are looking up and a fair amount of folks are making repeat visits when they can. Thank you again to you all for your support!

We recently had three birthdays on camp all in the same week and a fantastic time was had by all! Happy Birthday to Sarah (now 23), Dutch (an amazing 30th) and Monkey-Boy (spending his 11th birtday on site!).

An awesome group of folks over Ludlow way did a fund raising gig for us and raised a whopping £80 for the cause! Thanks so much guys, we’ll see you soon!

All in all, spirits are pretty high on site right now, the fantastic weather has helped no end and the camp is a lovely place to be, the trees are in bloom, everything is growing, it’s beautifull!


An updated Wish List will follow shortly, thanks again for your continued support and hopefully we’ll see you soon!

  1. Mark says:

    Hi it’s great to see what’s going on there, we are definitely looking forward to coming to join you guys there from 7-10 July as part of the Ecotopia Biketour route in the UK. Spoke to people on the phone there about it who said you would be totally happy to 15-20 cycling climate activists coming to join you for a couple of days – if anyone else wants to join us cycling to the camp from Yorkshire have a look at Cheers! Mark

  2. Neil says:

    Found this somewhere else but this should be considered if not already done so:

    if you are spiking, pin notices on boundary or trees, and send the company a message that they’ve been spiked – that prevents cutting and prevents any accusations of endangering people (unless they just deny you warned them – keep proof if you like, though beware of security implications!)

  3. silverbird says:

    Hi everyone, I have been away from the site for a few weeks due to illness and commitments with friends from Australia visiting,but have been back on site as and when this week – its looking very impressive, a lot of hard works ben undertaken, and defences are awesome – however, we still need many, many more people , and with the Summer break coming, hopefully, many will join those resident for a chilled out experience that will contribute to helping to save this site from devastation!
    Those who continue to raise funds, donate equipment. food and water may you be blessed, for each persons help, in every way, makes this stand worthwhile.
    Should an eviction date come, there would need to be an all out call for as many people as possible to bolster the camp, and help defeat an eviction, its hoped that this would become then,a nationwide focus for everyone who opposes new coal, or devastation of the environment, wildlife, and quality of life for those downwinfd of the opencast mine.
    So far, UK COALs share prices are going into freefall – and the suckers who invested in them have lost heavily, and dont seem to want to cough up the money to start serious work on the site.
    At present we are lucky – things could change in the finance department, so we should be prepared for afocus and influx of support if needed – many have promised action and occupation,it would be nice to see everyone on site as the need arises.
    There is a weak spot in time approaching – Im sure that everyone knows what that is, and if anytime is likely for an eviction attempt, then that date could be the one they are relying upon – lets beat them to the post,and get some more boots on the ground in the next 2/3 weeks please?
    Last night, a Helicopter was close overhead probably taking pictures again,and skirted the site boundaries, hopefully this did not contain staff from the Eviction teams – perhaps by Monday, if new faces visit the site with UK COAL representatives, we shall know that something is coming pretty soon.
    Thanks to everyone,
    Silver Bird.

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