Happy Wednesday!

Posted: April 14, 2010 by defendhuntingtonlane in Uncategorized

Hi all!

A successful few days at the camp; we now have a few more people on site, boosting the numbers and everyone is really getting stuck in with improving, building and scheming!

A few updates on the site – we intend to have a better map to help locate us available after the weekend, watch this space for info on where to get this map!

Also, we know that some people may want to come up and support the site, bring food and gifts of things on the wishlist but either don’t know where we are or have no way of getting there. If you would like to get to the site, we are now offering a shuttle service – just give us a call on either 07500263303 or 07790613714 – we can arrange for you to be collected and taken to or from the site!

Following our very successful ‘camp meeting’ this evening around a not very warm camp fire, we have lots of new plans and ideas – watch this space for updates!

Updated Wishlist

chalk boards – or wood and blackboard paint

an old bike or two!


food – preferably tinned

milk – preferably UHT as it keeps longer



rope of any length and thickness

bags of kindling or campfire wood

you – for a few hours, a day, as long or little as you like!

  1. I did post a message a few days ago, seems to have got lost.

    I need to be in contact with someone responsible for communication and promotion. I have some ideas that should improve camp moral and increase funding and awareness. also, I would like to hear what your plans are. I don’t want to discuss this on the website. It is best if one or two people from the camp come to my place or I go to theirs, or somewhere where there are chairs and a table out of the wind. Phone me 01952 414411

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