Easter Weekend and Beyond

Posted: April 7, 2010 by defendhuntingtonlane in Uncategorized

Here’s a more detailed account of recent events for your reading pleasure, apologies for the lack of images – our camera is currently experiencing ‘technical difficulties’ but rest assured they will follow shortly. Please scroll down for updates to the wish list.

It’s been a very busy few days in our little patch of woodland! We received lots of visitors on Thursday, Friday and Saturday as part of the West Midlands Climate Action Fossil Fools Weekend Convergence. Many thanks to all who came, we hope to see you all again very soon – and thanks again for all the generous donations of food, water and materials. We were even treated to the incredible sight of four simultaneous rainbows, which neither words nor photographs could possibly do justice! What an appropriate treat for the eyes looking on in awe from the Rainbows End community 🙂

Good Friday saw a couple of campers paying a visit to one of Shropshire’s top tourist attractions and ‘birthplace of industry’, the Iron Bridge. A large banner reading No New Coal was hung from the bridge, where we received a number of very supportive comments from locals and tourists and were attended by three police officers (who seemed concerned that our string may somehow cause damage to the bridge!) For pictures please visit the image gallery on the Shropshire Star website.

After a very productive (if muddy!) weekend we were joined last night by the very lovely James from the Shropshire Star, who stayed the night to get a look at life on site. We hope he enjoyed the evening, we enjoyed chatting with him very much.

After bidding farewell to a slightly sleep-deprived James this morning, we received word from a friend that vehicles and digging equipment were arriving on site. This concerned citizen was keen to register his protest by attempting to block this move by UK Coal, whose representative was present – but was told the equipment was in fact en route to a neighbouring farm (also owned by UK Coal). Later this morning digging machinery was seen to be digging trenches at the southern most point of the site where the site infrastructure is to be located. The Shropshire Star covered this story here albeit containing a few factual inaccuracies. Visit Wrekin Friends for a brief video clip of this encounter with a most aggressive looking contractor – yikes!

This afternoon we were visited by a number of members of the local constabulary, who left without any issues. We can only assume this visit was requested by UK Coal who were keen to ensure the mornings events were not repeated…

If you’d like to offer your support then there’s no time like the present! Please come and join us if you’re able.


  • Pallets
  • 4 by 2 or 4 by 4 timbers
  • Rope
  • Nails
  • Cooking oil – preferably in catering size tins as we can reuse these but bottles are certainly welcome
  • Onions, herbs, spices (chillies are being craved if you have a surplus)
  • Water
  • Toilet roll (don’t want to run out of that!)
  • Roll mats/blankets
  • Anything else you might think of
  • You!
  1. silverbird says:

    Hi everyone, I have been away at “Druid Camp”, down at Forest of dean for the last week, and noticed tonights article by the farmer, Brian Rhodes, regarding conditions at the camp – NoTOILETS says he – compost toilets on site says I, and for the record, Mr Rhodes, the “Long drop” compost toilets at Druid Camp, serve around 4/5,000 people over the camps Summer existence – and if they get full, well, another ones dug,and that ones filled in safely, so theres no health risk, or danger.
    Theres NO RUNNING WATER says he – no problem says I, large volume containers provide adequate needs for the people – and thanks to those who continue to bring in needed supplies – whoever you may be:-).
    ITS a TIP, says he – well, rubbish bags are evacuated to a nearby disposal point where T7W Council have to empty anyway, so at least an attempt to comply with rubbish disposal is being made – oh, and all rubbish is sorted and screened into the required recycling types.
    Like most of Telford, rubbish is only collected fortnightly, not weekly, so I guess perhaps the Council would oblige with a weekly collection zone/point, thus eliminating any further criticism?.
    Many folk at Druid Camp were already aware of the camp, but didnt know too much,so I have done my best over our stay there, to talk to as people as possible, with assurances that those who could come, if only for ashort while, would do that in the very near future.
    Some of them are friends , or have been, at TARA, or 9 Ladies sites in the past, so things could be interesting.
    See you guys soon,seems there is ameeting about what to do with the Hippies at Little Wenlock village hall tonight, Monday, and UK Coal will be present – along with some of their Tenants of properties at Huntington, and New Works – I believe Farmer Rhodes is also one of UK Coals Tenants.
    Respects to those i residence at the camp.

  2. silverbird says:

    Hello everyone, I have been asked to maintain an update of the site for news, WISH LISTS, etc, as best I can -Im no Computer genius , so hats off to those who have been doing it so far!.

    The Summer breaks begun for Schools, Colleges, and Universities, so anyoe who wants to joinin the fun, work during the day, parying at night, and weekends, why not check out the Camp with some friends?

    There a plans afoot for a few “Get to know us days”, including a “Work weekend” in August sometime – date will be posted later, get involved with the Camp and its varous aspects, the area, places of interest, learn how to survive alternatively,etc.

    A “Decorate The Cloutie Tree day”, for Autumn Equinoxe is planned , September 23rd, its going to be a Full Moon night too, so great for an after party for those attending, perhaps some may like to bring some drums, a few drinks, some food, and make a day of it?
    The more colourful the Cloutie cloth strips, and Prayer /Wish ribbons you bring, the better, lets make the ancient Hawthorn bright and prettier!

    Other things are happening, and will be covered as they occur, keep watching the site for any updates we can give.

    The following Items are at present, certainly high on the WISH LIST,
    if you can help, it would be appreciated 🙂 – we can collect some stuff within reason,from the local area, but great to hear from further afield, but Transport to get ther at present is a real problem, funds are very limited.
    If you can deliver, to New Works Lane gate, even better.

    Urgent Need – Compressor Hose, or large diameter Hosing!
    Tarpaulins – always!
    Timber -2×2,3×2,4×2,4×4, used still useful, needed Urgently.
    Nails, longer the better, from 2,3,4,5,6, – 9 Inch, – urgently needed.
    Tinned Food – near end date, fine, for stockpiles.
    Small Gas bottles, those that fit the small, portable, Case type camping stoves..
    Solar Lights of any type available.
    AA Batteries.
    Polypropolene Rope – all thicknesses.
    Aluminium Ladder – for loan , or no longer needed – urgently.

    Thats the update for present folks – apart to ask anyone, and everyone, to pass the word about the Camp.and come down and join us for a while – Summer wont last forever, and you may find it an interesting and rewarding experience.

    Thanks to all who contribute, support,or are involved with the Camp in any way!

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