The old dude & The campsite in The Wrekin Forest

Posted: March 26, 2010 by defendhuntingtonlane in Uncategorized

An open letter from the legendary George Evans to the Shropshire Star after visiting the camp today. Thanks George, your support really inspires us.

Source: All Friends Round The Wrekin

Thought you’d like to see this. Please pass it on to Chris & co. It took me five minutes to get over that bloody stile. You’ll be old one day – with luck. George

From: George Evans To: Starmail Subject: The campsite in The Wrekin Forest

The Editor,


Thanks for an excellent article by Ben on the protest camp in The Wrekin Forest. I read it this evening (26.03.10)after having visited the camp this morning.

The troops are in very good heart and beginning their opposition to the devastation we all know will happen in this beautiful place if the mining goes ahead.

Like most locals I opposed this mining through three Public Inquiries and like a few gave evidence, though last time all our evidence, and that of T&W Council, was completely ignored by the Government Inspector. It was clear from the report that all our local knowledge was to be of no concern and the Inspector had been allowed to appear to listen, to patronise us by a faint smile and to take no notice of the facts we presented to him.

We thought we had lost but this morning’s visit has filled me with a new optimism.

Direct action is planned and will take place, though it will not be violent on our side. Chris and his friends are well worth supporting and I think we should give them all the help we can. They need tools and materials to build fences and defences or else money to buy their own. They’re asking for cut timber and metal sheeting so that they can dig in for a long siege. Spades and hammers and saws and nails would make a good start.

This morning I could only think to take a little food but clearly they need more of that and especially drinking water. Visit them – you’ll be welcome. They will tell you how to help.

We need to stop grumbling about the terrible consequences of opencast mining and start helping the people who are taking action. They can win. Let us never be accused of failing them. This could be a victory for us all.

Here’s to All Friends Round The Wrekin!

George Evans, Wellington under The Wrekin.

  1. Silver Bird says:

    Well done George!
    Good to see him on site , despite the stile, but sure that during his wartime exploits he has had to negotiate more difficult obstacles!
    We are honoured to have a local Historian, Author, and celebrity visiting us, and still with fire in his belly for a fight after the Public Inquiry.

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