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Happy Thursday, everyone!

We’d like to extend our gratitude to everyone who has visited and contributed to the camp over the past week or two. We’ve know we’ve said it before but your support is incredibly valuable to everybody on site and it means the world to us. We’ve received visitors from all across the country this week and would like to give a special mention to octogenarian New Works resident, Eva – who braved the mud to come and offer her support on Tuesday. Eva lives within metres of the site boundary and is likely to be one of the residents most affected by this development – we’re so proud to have her support – what a star!

The Inspirational Eva

Compost toilets are under construction (despite a near catastrophic toilet seat related disaster!) and our cooking facilities have also been improved upon. We’ve been having fun climbing trees, digging holes and making a start on a vegetable garden. We even had fire breathing to warm the cockles on a damp Tuesday evening!

Watch this space for updates to the wish list and some more maps/info.

Enjoy the snaps and we hope to see you soon 🙂

Rain hasn't stopped play yet

Slippery when wet!

Hello up there 🙂

Ready, aim, FIRE!

  1. Mr b says:

    These are great pictures. Great to see the camp coming along and support too. I hope the mud is not so bad as the weather has been a little damp over the last few days. Hope to see you all on Friday night.
    Love & Solidarity.


  2. Louise Lee says:

    Hi – wot great photos! Who would argue with Inspirational Eva eh? (not me for sure!) You’re all doing a great job there & I speak especially on behalf of Eva (my common-law mother-in-law) & my Mum & Dad Pam & Brian Hale (also residents of New Works). Keep up the good work & Good Luck. Lou X

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