Central News/Midlands Today

Posted: March 22, 2010 by defendhuntingtonlane in Uncategorized

We were featured on Midlands Today this evening and tomorrow morning we are expecting a visit from Central News. If you’re free and you’d like to show your support or maybe even say your piece then please come along to the camp by 10:00am

See you there!

  1. Mr G says:

    Hi all

    I will be going over to B’ham to collect the West Mids climate camp stuff.
    There are large cooking pots, plates , knifes forks, pans Gas burners and other useful goodies. we should be dropping the kit off at the site sometime after 8pm and will need a hand to carry stuff. See you Wednesday.

  2. Silver Bird says:

    Thanks to everyone supporting the camp in any way they can – and have, theres too many to thank individually – and we dont know many of their names!
    Numbers growing – and still needed, we are sewing our individual threads into the tapestry of protest, in an area thats given more than its fair share of opencast coal over the last 70 years.
    See you when we see you!

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