Sunday Sun

Posted: March 21, 2010 by defendhuntingtonlane in Uncategorized

Today has been warm, sunny and utterly delightful. We’ve received visitors from all over and now have more tea bags than we know what to do with! Maybe a tea party is in order?

A number of residents of New Works have visited over the weekend whom have been warm and welcoming and really supportive and generally lovely! Many thanks to everyone who has stopped by, hope to see you again soon.

Greeting some of today's visitors

Major material priorities on the wish list are:

  • Blankets! If you have any spare blankets we could really use them.
  • Materials for installing compost toilets. Straw bales, large containers, oil drums, bins etc. Anything we can use would be great with more people arriving. So far we only have a toilet seat or two –  so really anything would help in this department.
  • Rocket stove ‘ingredients’ – stove pipe, elbow, oil drum etc would be a really big help, for the purpose of feeding larger numbers of people and much more efficient use of fuel!

Please see Friday/Saturday’s post for the full wish list.

Pop in any time for a cup of tea – I think we’re going to need more mugs!

  1. Mr b says:

    “We carry a new world here, in our hearts. That world is growing this minute.”
    Buenaventura Durruti

    Keep it going gang X

  2. Amsta says:

    Hearing about this lifted my heart today. Thank you for taking your strong and courageous stand.

    Here in the USA, there are people like you, occupying to protest coal mining. Last week a crew of activists spent 30 hours locked down at the Environmental Protection Agency in Washington DC to draw attention to the mountaintop removal surface mining that has destroyed 500 mountaintops and 2,000 miles of streams in Central Appalachia

    We all stand in solidarity, keep up the good fight x

  3. Silver Bird says:

    Thanks for your comment of support Amsta – the words getting across the water now as well, great stuff!
    Seperated we all may be by language, Continent, or Culture, but united we are in the single fact that Governments cannot continue to disregard peoples lives, health, and homes, in the pursuit of coal fired power.
    Our sites in Britain seem much smaller than the 2,000 miles you speak of – but we are a very small country in comparison, and any Opencast Mine will therefore be close to a populated area.
    The lovely old lady in one of the above posts will be getting blasting of up to 25 kilo charges at a rate of four days a week, just 100 yards from her home.
    No -one should have to face that scenario in this day and age.
    Our love, blessings and support to those “locked down” at Washington DC EPA.!

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