Camp is growing…

Posted: March 18, 2010 by defendhuntingtonlane in Uncategorized

Just a quick update. Thanks all for your supportive messages and emails, they really mean a lot xxx

Another most pleasant day at the camp today. New structures are taking shape and offers of support are steadily trickling in. However we still need plenty more visitors and residents so if you can make it along then please do. It really is a enormous site (over 200 acres!) so we have plenty of room for everybody! We now have even more crash space (if you don’t have a tent) and plans for the lodge are coming along very nicely indeed 🙂

To offer your support please email defendhuntingtonlane(@) or call the site phone on 07989 243057

Many thanks you lovely people x

  1. Mr b says:

    This is great work by everybody. I talked with a supporter in Birmingham. He has all the tat cooking equipment and other useful stuff,, Gas burners ETC. We hope to go over on Monday evening when this stuff will be ready to pick up and drop off at the site on Tuesday. See you all over the weekend for some jolly camping and fun work.



  2. Silver Bird says:

    A good sized community Teepee and another fair sized “bender” up and dry – giving shelter from the rain – and a firepit inside to allow clothes to dry out if wet, worked very well as the cold crept in last night.
    Thanks to all.

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