Site under eviction!

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The national eviction team came onto site this morning and escorted support crew off and are busily taking down ground structures. Unfortunately the police helicopter drew a low headcount last night so bailiffs decided to move in, with not enough numbers to occupy all the defenses, protesters are concentrating their efforts on the tunnels, with 1 man up the biggest tower.

Supporters come to 4 East View, Waters Upton, Telford or call 07580477901.


Britains Largest Protest Site Prepares for Seige

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15th July 2011
Today Britain’s largest protest site was served with an eviction notice. At 11 a.m. Telford County Court granted U.K. Coal a possession order against the environmental protestors from Huntington Lane Anti-U.K. Coal Protest Site, Wellington, Telford.
The protestors are part of a local and national campaign against the expansion of new coal and associated devastating pollution and loss of natural habitat. ‘Climate change chaos is caused by this primitive madness and we’re drawing the line here’, said one of the protestors.
The protest site is situated in 230 acres of ancient woodland, in an area of outstanding natural beauty. The site has been occupied for 18 months. During that time the campers have been busy building defence structures both above and below ground. The site is full of treehouses, tunnels, towers and forts. The structures are equipped with supplies for the expected long siege. Bailiffs and police are expected at any time in force.
Contact details:
Tel: 07503583419

COURT PAPERS SERVED – Eviction Imminent!

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The camp site has been served a court notice earlier today with summons for a hearing on the 15th of July – this Friday.

Court time is @, The Telford County Court, Telford Square, Malinsgate, Telford,TF3 4JB

We are sending an URGENT CALL OUT for as many people as possible to come down and support us in whatever way they can!

Big Picnic on Tuesday

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Tea and Cake Provided. Numbers are rising each day as the weather warms, a seperate bottom site has been set up in reaction to trees being felled at the beginning of nesting season.

National Eviction Team are trying scare tacticts to get us out, come for a show of solidarity and a laugh in the trees.

No official papers yet but diggers are almost at the fence.

Street renamed Toxic Fallout Terrace in Telford mining protest

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Thursday 3rd March 2011, 7:30PM GMT.

Anti-mining protesters at New Works Lane, Telford
Anti-mining protesters at New Works Lane, Telford
Changing the name of King Street, Wellington

Fancy buying a house in Toxic Fallout Terrace, Lung Disease Lane or Coal Dust Close?

They are all roads that have been “renamed” by protesters opposed to the mining of 900,000 tonnes of coal in New Works, Little Wenlock, Telford. The campaigners, calling themselves the Protectorists, were out in force last weekend with a chalk and board.

They say the roads mark some of the side effects they claim will be caused by the mining.

Renamed streets across Wellington included Dawley Road, now christened Toxic Fallout Terrace.

Also getting a name change was Mill Bank, which according to the protesters is now called Lung Disease Lane.

Suzzy Murphy, from The Protectorists, said the group teamed up with a London art movement called Freee in a bid to rename the streets.

The members walked to each street sign and once there, performed a renaming ceremony before having their picture taken with the official street sign alongside their own mocked up version.

Others include New Works Lane, which is now Methane Lane and King Street, which is now Coal Dust Close.

Victoria Avenue is now Coal Cancer Crescent and High Street is now Climate Change Close.

Miss Murphy said one of the most significant name changes was Wellington Square, which is now being called Revolution Square.

As part of the ceremony to rename the streets, The Protectorists left the site at Huntington Lane in New Works with witnesses and three chalk holders.

Chalk holders are the people who write out the new name on the board. They then left for different parts of Telford and Wellington in a bid to rename the streets.

Miss Murphy said: “We have nearly been at the site a year and it has been a fantastic achievement.”

The group hit the headlines last year after it was revealed they built tunnels under the coal mining site where protesters were now living.

By Jason Lavan

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Locals given 2 months to move out by UK Coal

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Click on the picture to watch the video

Anne Cotton and Gerald Cooper, avid supporters of our protest site, have been told by UK Coal that they have just 2 months to move out of their home which overlooks the mining works.

Both Gerald and his partner have provided the camp site with generous and unconditional support since the very beginning almost a year ago and we are outraged and terribly saddened by their ordeal at the hands of this immoral, soulless company!

Click on the picture above to read the full Shropshire Star article and watch the video.

For an earlier video click here

Early Year Gathering at Shropshire 25-28 Feb

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We are calling for people to come and join us for an action-packed extended weekend of resistance at the site from the 25th-28th February.
We plan to include skill-sharing including site skills, action and defense building, information sharing and networking with activists from other campaigns.
Come to the gathering to enjoy free vegan food, nature walks through huge areas of uninterrupted beautiful ancient woodland, acoustic music by the campfire and enjoying the company of the lovely people at the site.
Some crash space is available but if possible please bring your own tent and sleeping equipment. Waterproof warm clothes are of course a necessity at this time of year too.
We will provide tasty hot vegan food for all the gathering by donation, come with many hands for chopping veg.
How to get there:
Detailed travel directions are available at our How To Get Here page. Alternatively call us on 07503 583419 or  email for assistance.
Please help spread the word and bring your friends to the gathering!